What Can I Do?

I remember the moment some 8 years ago when my son had his first conversation with the neurosurgeon following his accident.  He was finally cognizant enough to start processing the bad news, and together we were hearing foreign words that would soon become part of our everyday vocabulary – spinal cord injury, quadriplegic, ASIA A, B, C, D, etc. – and the devastating prognosis.  As the surgeon shook his head woefully, my son asked, “What Can I Do?”  The doctor’s reply.  “Nothing.”

We soon learned that the doctor was wrong, and for my money “Nothing” is never an acceptable answer to the question, “What Can I Do?”  No matter what the adversity you face, there is always something you can do.  Problems are challenges looking for solutions.

Dr. Wise Young illustrates the problem to be solved.

As survivors and family members recover from the shock and trauma of a spinal cord injury, as they learn about the work of Unite 2 Fight Paralysis, we are often asked, “What Can I Do?”.  If you want to become part of the solution for the complex neurological puzzle that is SCI, the first step you must take is EDUCATION.

Armed with knowledge, you can speak to your neighbors, the media, and your legislators with strength and confidence.  As we all know, there is a steep learning curve to climb just to understand the injury itself.  If you can conquer that, then you’re ready to study the science that will lead to curative therapies.

Thanks to Working 2 Walk, my education has come fairly rapidly.  Over the years our invited researchers have become experts at delivering presentations that are engaging and understandable for the consumer community.  Whether you’re just getting started or already have a basic knowledge of the science behind cures, I can guarantee you will learn something at W2W.

If you’re unable to attend in person, we are posting videos of the 2010 presentations on our website.  Several are available now, with a few more just awaiting final edits.  If you’re ready to become a cure warrior, I encourage you to watch these videos and learn more about what you can do.

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