The Elevator Speech

“So how’s it going with that stem cell research?”  Now there’s a loaded question, and it’s one I hear frequently from well-meaning persons who are actually wondering about my son’s future prospects.

The bigger question is, how to answer in 30-60 seconds?  It’s time to pull out what is known in business circles as “The Elevator Speech”, a concise, targeted response that should leave the listener eager to hear more.

Once we’ve joined the Spinal Cord Injury Club, as either a survivor, family member, or supporter, we find ourselves with many opportunities to talk about research, real-time therapies, beneficial legislation, etc. in casual conversation with friends and community.  We can really make the most of those opportunities if we have an Elevator Speech to pull out from our hip pocket.

Crafting an Elevator Speech is harder than it sounds.  At one of our U2FP Board Retreats we spent half a day on this exercise, and were still debating when time ran out.

So let’s brainstorm on this blog about how to answer the question, “How’s it going with that stem cell research?”.  Remember, the answer has to take 30-60 seconds, or just a few sentences, and feel relaxed and unrehearsed.

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One Response to “The Elevator Speech”

  1. susanmaus Says:

    Stem cell research is progressing at a rapid pace. Geron corporation recently launched the first embryonic stem cell clinical trials, targeting acute spinal cord injury. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There is fantastic work being done towards several different applications in many labs all over the world.


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