Earthquakes & Wheelchairs

It took me a bit longer than planned to get back to this blog. . . . meanwhile we have seen the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami strike Japan and dominate the news.  My first reaction to the disaster was “What about the people in wheelchairs?”.  It’s always my first thought now when stories break of this nature.

How do you get to higher ground in a matter of minutes?  Only if you’re lucky enough to have someone to carry you.

How do you crawl your way out of a pile of rubble if you’re paralyzed?

If you survive, how do you push your wheelchair through the chaos?

How do you get the medications and equipment that your life may depend on?

Human need is enormous after a calamity like the one in Japan.  For many of the wheelchair users that I know, one of their greatest fears is to be caught in such a natural disaster.  To all those in Japan who may be facing the challenges of survival in a wheelchair, know that we are thinking of you . . .


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