Keeping an Open Mind

At this stage of the game in searching for curative therapies, it’s essential that advocates keep an open mind about the possibilities.  We are just BEGINNING to see laboratory science move into human clinical trials, and to date we have not seen demonstrative proof of any therapy that is actually repairing the spinal cord.  Chris Powell, another warrior in our ever-growing network of moms advocating for a cure, put it best:

“I’m a hard core SCI advocate in the purest form.  I have no preference on which type of cell, growth factor, inhibitor or country to discover. I have no pre-concieved notion about the ultimate SCI cure.  I consider it all nothing more than a calculated dog and pony show until something is actually proven safe and restoring function.  I am willing to listen and learn about the science and others ideas. I am willing to advocate for a sci cure by helping in any way possible to get the therapies to clinical trial so we can find the very best and not waste time or money on anything that’s going downhill.  I remain open minded and interested.”

As Cure Warriors, our immediate goals are:

  • Learn, learn and learn some more about the science – Working 2 Walk is a fantastic, affordable opportunity to educate yourself;
  • Follow the progress of clinical trials and push for more.  This is where the rubber meets the road, and we’ve got to speed up the pace of clinical trials if we’re ever going to find out what works and what doesn’t.  U2FP’s Clinical Trial Table is an excellent resource to get you started;
  • Armed with knowledge, get vocal.  Talk to your communities and the media.  Question the scientists, the funders, and the regulators.  Support the best science and the strategies that will accelerate the achievement of a cure.

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